Saturday, October 23, 2010

Killed By Fast

As usual, my posting is dictated by tangents: the fast Japanese hardcore of the last post led me to cranking a bunch of Shikabane. Then I saw a giant hole in the postings where their first 7" should be (their last one is pretty easy to find, I think... maybe this one too but I felt the impulse to see it here...). The "人間に生まるること難し・・・" 7" is a complete feast of frenzied hardcore encapsulated into a tight 10 track 7". The band would later change to a more moody, introspective hardcore band, but here the songs range from fast to really fast, and skip the mind and heart completely. The viscera is the target, and it's a hit ten times over.

The bonus comp this weekend does indeed feature Shikabane, as well as 13 other Far East ensembles of the short, fast, and noisy set. Like a good drinking binge, "Thrash Ahoy !" is lots of fun, but the headache afterward is something else! The bands/tracks:

Both Records HERE

Update: the Pisspoor splits have been re-upped here, and a few other Shikabane records can be found here. Also, Japanese track titles have been added to the Knucklehead post, and a nice commenter offered some phonetic and English translations in the comments. Thanks again!

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