Monday, December 1, 2008

Pisspoor & Ungrateful

If you checked out the "El Guapo" comp a while back, you know that Pisspoor were one of the more cacophonous thrashcore bands that you missed the first time around. Featured today is another tidbit from the Sound Pollution Records back catalog: their split LP with Ungrateful. Pisspoor's often uneventful riffs are made up for by the relentless drumming and bloody-murder vocals (see Ojorojo for a quick analogy). It's not about brilliant songwriting; it's about the rage, and these guys/gals have plenty of that. As do Kentucky's Ungrateful, who opt for the more old-school hardcore approach, but throw in scathing vocals and an occasional blast-beat part to keep the kiddies happy. I wish the guitar wasn't buried so deeply in the mix, but what can you do... this is DIY?!


my_stupid_life said...

This is a cool split record, ungrateful are definitely one of the best old Lexington punk bands up with Retribution and Disdain. I'm in a hardcore punk band called Asadachi and Steve from Ungrateful was at some point going to be our bassist but things didn't work out. Anyways, interesting enough the cover of that record isn't anyone they even knew, it was something someone had hung on the wall in some dirty pizza shop two of them worked at that they thought was funny because it was a food establishment. The old Ungrateful practice spot is literally a block away from my home where we practice, ha.

Batguano said...

Huh, I just assumed the cover was of some friends of theirs. That's funny shit! Thanks for the info, because I knew next to nothing about Ungrateful till now!

mikxxx said...

can i ask for a re-up?
i swear i'll give a hug when you'll come in greece