Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Happy Customer (Korova)

You're probably gonna see Korova's "Another Happy Customer" CD reviewed on several blogs, because instead of resisting the download tide, the band has decided to ride out its inevitable current. They've made the CD available for cheap, and the mp3's free (see link below). Another reason you may see it around is because it's really good! Korova solves one of the problems with hardcore full lengths: keeping them interesting all the way through. The framework of the music is grimy eighties-style hardcore ("Pick Your King" era Poison Idea?) with pissed-off, yelled vocals (if you're tired of over the top grunting and screaming, Ian's got the remedy!). Throughout the experience, different nuances maim and enhance the band's MO: soured noise rock cacophonies, discordant modern chords phrasings, spoken word tracks, and enough literary references to provoke a few visits to Wikipedia. The result is one hell of a gritty and compelling listen from a band that has its boot firmly planted in the ass of the past, but whose bloodshot eyes aim squarely at the future.

Ian gave the go ahead (for now) to post the CD using his mediafire link. If you want to support the band, here are some ideas:

-Go buy Korova's CD and/or 7"
-Go say hello to Ian on his blog
-Leave a comment here so more people will become interested in Korova
-Go see Korova live in January if you live in/near Alabama
-Post this CD on your blog



Dead Rock n Roller said...

Hey man,
Thanks so much for posting this and the kind words! We worked hard on this and really do appreciate it!

Chairmaker said...

Well, I downloaded, listened, liked and purchased and will put it up on my site at some point. So, this post worked on me at least.

Batguano said...

Yo, Ian- Whatever I can do to help out. Your hard work is all too apparent on the CD... Good stuff!

Chairmaker- Thanks for the comment! It's nice to believe that we blogger-types can actually help the bands...