Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Burning Black Teardrop

Unpersons is perhaps best known for their collaboration with Baroness; but don't let that prejudice you. I first came to know this ensemble from Savannah from their Life is Abuse outing, and their noise rock meets hardcore is just the shit. I believe the 7" posted here is their first vinyl contribution, but don't let that fool you either. The four tracks on this beast are every bit as accomplished as their future releases, if not more so if you ask this warped blogger. The intersection of drugs and southern life never sounded so... satisfying. Members apparently also play in Pig Heart Transplant, Kylesa, and Black Tusk among other bands.

Unpersons 7" (I) (Fish Fur Records, 2000)


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eastcobb said...

Thanks for this! You should post some Institute - they were one of the more experimental Savannah bands. I have a feeling most folks haven't heard them...

Batguano said...

Don't worry; I won't charge you and I'll even keep the links up! My vacation was almost over, so I was posting like a dying patient.

East C- I've been planning a post of Institute stuff for a year or so now (same is true of a lot of bands I guess). That'll happen soon, and maybe a repost of Karst, too.