Monday, January 2, 2012

Pleasure Inflicted Suffering

This week, every post will be a random seven inch by a band I like, a couple of which have had other releases posted on this blog before. Most of the bands will be fairly obscure, like today's selection, "Human Ruins" by Running For Cover. The first time I experienced their LP, the term thinking-person's power violence came to mind. All of the cathartic punishment that keeps us coming back to this genre is present and accounted for on both of their releases; but the lyrics, which deal mainly with the meaninglessness of life, are tinged with existentialist musings, and on a couple there's even a bit of an Eastern element. PV songs about Kung Fu movies and enchiladas are fun and all, but it's kind of nice to see a band taking things a bit further.

Running For Cover - "Human Ruins" 7" (625 Thrashcore/Out of Limits, 2004)

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