Saturday, January 5, 2013

To Show You How Much You Meant

I got delayed again, but this series of splits is happening for real this time.  The first two will be more deliberate; the others a bit more random, but no less awesome.  First off, the indestructible and unstoppable Despise You/Suppression split 7" is being reposted for two reasons: Roman requested it (dude, sorry for the delay... again) and because it's got be one of my top five powerviolence/grind records of all time.  Don't ask me about the other four-- it would take some hair-pulling deliberation to work that out.  This one requires no such ordeal.  When I first posted it a few years ago, I probably ripped it at a crap bit rate, so here it is again, with graphics and all.

The Despise You/Suppression split 7" (Slap-a-Ham Records, 1996)

Recent Re-up:

Never Healed/Violent Minds split 7"


ryan rose said...

the original artwork for this 7 inch is hanging on the wall of ear wax record shop in madison, wi. oddly enough it was pulled out of a dumpster of stuff thrown out when rhetoric went under.

Batguano said...

That is pretty odd. Is it the art from the Suppression side, or both sides? If I ever get to Wisconsin, I'm definitely visiting Ear Wax!

Anonymous said...

hey marc! thank you for an excellent quality rip of this ultimate classic! both bands at their prime, mercilessly annihilating everything in their way... glad to see the blog going again - for a while i thought you gave up on this, which would be a great pity. i hope dark days are over and you're doing well! best wishes for the new year.

Batguano said...

Same to you Roman! Next request will yield a much faster turn-around. My resolution this year is to stop making promises and start getting posts up faster!