Sunday, August 9, 2009

Violent Minds Never Heal

I've only got time for an EP post today, but next week I'm planning upwards of four posts, so hold tight. Now, on with the free music... Since discovering the insane goodness of Never Healed, I had to set aside a small budget to collect everything they've released. Lucky for my wallet, that isn't much (however unlucky it is for my new addiction). Descriptions of their simple but devastating, mid-paced hardcore punk will surely fall short of doing them any justice; listen and become a believer! This split (Armoury Of Fearless Truth Against Whispering Rumor(?)) was my first exposure to Violent Minds. They play solid as heck hardcore with a rock'n roll twang that I love. Their side is ridiculously short, so when you want more, contact Deranged Records to get a more sustained fix.

Never Healed/Violent Minds Split 7" (Vexed Records, 2007).

Never Healed has a so-far Discography CD available, and you can sample their 12" tracks here.


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