Friday, August 28, 2009

Hotter Than Satan's Crotch

The summer temperatures have finally arrived over here. Before you start to one-up me... I know... it's 10 times hotter where you are. It wouldn't be so uncomfortable if it weren't for my pledge to ride the bike to work 3-4 days a week. Nothing like riding uphill, sandwiched between baked asphalt and the 100 degree sun to make you feel alive!

At times like this, I like to think of those less fortunate souls, like the people of Arizona. Then I get to remembering how awesome the metallic hardcore bands were that used to come out of that state. Unruh is a great example. I always reminisce fondly about their later LP, "Setting Fire To Sinking Ships," but I often forget the unbridled devastation of their early "Friendly Fire" 7". Upon first hearing the distorted chords of the title track, I thought for sure this was a lost Wellington recording. But the tempo changes later on verify that this is indeed Unruh, in its primal phase, setting down its blueprint for global annihilation.

"Friendly Fire" 7" (Edema/King Of The Monsters/Abiology Records)

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