Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gluttons Of Necropolis

Being one of the better and more mould-breaking early Profane Existence bands, I wouldn't be surprised if Moral Suckling has done the blog rounds already. Where to begin with a description... crusty post-punk? No.. there's just no way to encapsulate this band easily. Fans of The Clash, Conflict, The Smartpils or (very) early Deviated Instinct might easily find themselves digging MS's best material, which is the great "Reach" LP. I lost my copy a while back, but I have a test pressing that's in good shape and which I ripped and linked below. Having no inserts to go by, I had to rely on and intuition to tag the tracks. That's not exactly a perfect formula, so let me know if I made any mistakes. I also tracked down Moral Suckling's 7" on Monkey Puzzle Records. This is a nice and raw representation of the band, and although nowhere near the LP in quality, the youthful-yet-smart punk thereon is hard to resist.

Both records HERE


Chairmaker said...

Thanks-"Gluttons of Necropolis" pretty much had me at the title. Great stuff.

Batguano said...

No prob. I agree, these guys used both music and language in a pretty impressive way. Rock on.