Monday, August 31, 2009

SOTW: "Withdrawal" (Econochrist)

I don't hear about Econochrist too often these days. I suspect it might be because their music has been widely available-- I guess it takes scarcity to boost a band's popularity sometimes. Regardless, Econochrist are one of the top 10 bands I could never live without. Their discography is just gripping from beginning to end (even their melodic "Arkansas" era stuff has its charm). To avoid rolling dice to choose a favorite, I present the first track I ever heard from the band, in the form I heard it in: "Withdrawal" ripped directly from the "Vinyl Retentive" comp.


"Withdrawal" (mediafire)


mike said...

Excellent choice... Econochrist certainly don't get their due these days if you ask me. "Repel" got me through the first two years of college, no doubt. Cheers for the Dawnbreed post, too. Another record I don't have to re-rip!

justin said...

...and such a good band to see live. After an Econochrist, Capitol Punishment show at the Gilman in the late 80s, decided with a few other friends to try our hand at making music. Kind of owe them a big thank you for a lot of good times. That guitar sound...Great choice for the SOTW.

Batguano said...

Hey Mike. "Repel" is a badass track! Thanks for stoppin' by, man.

Justin! I missed these guys live, but you're right, that guitar sound is so distinctive, as are the crazy bass lines. I don't know if you ever checked out Zero Hour. They had Markly on drums and kind of have a similar guitar sound as EC(and they're one of my favorite bands!)