Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dawnbreed 7 Inchers

Man, it took me a while to get this shit together. Sorry for the delay, but you know how things can get. Today's four-EP post chronicles the drastic evolution of Germany's Dawnbreed. The early EP and split with Switzerland's Mine see the band trying their hand at the screamy chaos their American counterparts like Frail and Honeywell were dabbling in (the Mine tracks are great; near the goodness of their LP if it weren't for the muddy production). Then I'm throwing in their track from the "Plot" comp because it shreds and it provides a good segue between the early stuff and the awesome, mid-period "Kiosk" LP. Finally we arrive at the more indie-rock Dawnbreed (or Dawnbreed 5?), sauntering right into the open arms of their future band, Monochrome. I still love the "Kiosk" material best, but the later tracks sound more than pleasing to these San Diego ears. The early ragers showcase a very talented young band, but I don't know about all that screaming. It tends to grate on the nerves.

4 Dawnbreed 7"s and a comp track


mikxxx said...

Why no link?

Batguano said...

Shit. I can't believe I did that. Or didn't do that. Rough week.

Thanks Mike!

chrisapproach said...

nice effort mate