Monday, September 21, 2009

We Descend As Dreams

As autumn drops down on us, we initiate a series of Songs Of The Week in tune with this time of dimming light. I wanted to save this one, the darkest, for the cusp of winter. But I've always discouraged listening to really depressing music during that season, and I just snapped out of one of those the-world-fuckin-sucks kind of moods, so this one is perfect for today. The spotlight this week is on The Gault's "The Shore Becomes The Enemy." Few bands have succeeded in making pure human despair so palatable, or in the case of this composition, sublimely beautiful. Having connections to black metal legends, Weakling, the BM card must be pulled, but it's the gothy, progressive aspects of this band that drive the ship. Be patient. At 12 1/2 half minutes, this journey is a far cry from the punk blasts our attention spans crave. But despair of this purity takes time and a careful hand to evoke.

"The Shore Becomes The Enemy" by The Gault (ripped from vinyl for that crackle-of-dry-leaves-under-foot experience).

Read along with The Gault:

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