Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today We Ride

Flipping through the myriads of black and white covered crust records can be daunting. Which holds the hidden treasure? And which of them are just stale d-beat? My advice-- don't pass up on El Monte, California's Mala Sangre. These guys play stench-core that could easily last multiple rounds in a cage match with Hellshock or Stormcrow. They're still around and gigging, and hopefully will release some more great tunes in the future. For now, enjoy their dirty, crusty two song 7", "Ride The Wind..."

"Ride The Wind" by Mala Sangre (released in an edition of 450 copies by Threat To Existence Records)


7inchcrust said...

dude, you should have been member of 7inchcrust blog :)
i didn't know Mala Sangre, thanks for posting the 7", this is excellent stenching crust

Insaniac said...

It is most disturbing seeing these guys live, since the overweight guitarist/scene kid like's to play on stage in his underwear. The singer is also in the band Mundo Muerto, which has a more basic punk rock sound.

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Batguano said...

Well, Billy, I'm already an honorary member of the unofficial 7 Inch Crust fan club! Glad you like MS.

Insaniac- That is pretty disturbing. I think the "scene-kid" description more so than the over-weight part. Once I get that image out of my head, I still like these songs a lot. I'll have to see about Mundo Muerto, now. Thanks.