Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Hay Banda

No Song was calling my name, topical or otherwise, so I took a look at what I've been playing lately. I can't seem to get this El Banda 7" off my turn table. Not that I'd want to. What you need to know is a) They're from Poland, b) the bass player is from Post Regiment. Yep, that should do it. "Wisi Mi" was released on CD with a different cover and I believe one fewer song. You can pick up the vinyl here if you live in 'Merica, and I strongly suggest doing so. It's really smart and at times quirky hardcore punk with melody and nicely layered guitars. "Grojecka" is the first track and is exceptionally gloomy compared to the rest; hence, I love it! It appears to be about a dismembered woman, but whether literally or figuratively I cannot say. It rocks just as hard from both angles.


"Grojecka" (Mediafire)

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