Monday, August 10, 2009

Mental Lubricant

The Tafkata post sent me on a major Brainoil revival kick. Not that I ever stopped listening to them. Both bands are all about insane and at times intricate sludge riffage, and the Song Of The Week is fraught with some major doozies. I sometimes forget that "Naive In A Bliss" even has vocals. I feel more often that the guitar lines are doing all the screaming in this one, and what they have to say is pure rock poetry. The entire Brainoil 12" is essential listening, but this one gets the horns in the air this week.

"Naive In A Bliss"

"Naive In A Bliss" (Mediafire)

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lastthrowsofresistance said...

brainoil so much rules! i dont have this track. my favorite is the first lp, on life is abuse. not bad for a grimple band.