Monday, August 17, 2009

For The Benefit Of The Nation Or Its Destruction

This Song Of The Week was inspired by a cheezy happenstance. It's the second time whereby the i-pod has reminded me of the urgent need to revisit a band. Crucifix was one of the best things the later Cold War produced. Cross the streams of the paranoid aesthetic of Discharge and Crass with the raw music theory of early DC bands and we arrive somewhere near this band's power. "Dehumanization" is pure greatness from start to finish, so I present the first track "Annihilation" to solve the dilemma of choosing only one.

"Annihilation" (mediafire)


jimmyC said...

truly one of the must haves. I have and original pressing. Awesome from track 1. good post! Crucifix put out a few other good ones too. If you see any of those send them my way.

Batguano said...

Cool. I'm a little jealous about your first pressing; I've been trying to get this on vinyl for while now. As far as other rips, Cosmic Hearse posted "1984" a while back...