Sunday, February 7, 2010

SOTW: "The Game" (Shotmaker)

That's one tasty looking piece of asparagus. It's also the iconic cover of one of my all time favorite splits. Many great splits result in stalemates, but I have no problem saying that Shotmaker win this and then some. I am biased however... I own everything they ever released. But take note of that persistent and stubborn rolling thunder of a bass trying so hard to establish dominance over the grating nails-upon-chalkboard assault of the guitars, and see how both come out together in a unified hand-gesture of total defiance to categories. This is not a vegetable phallus, but a big middle finger to genres, preconceptions, and all potential and forthcoming judgment.

"The Game" by Shotmaker (from their split LP with Maximillan Colby)

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