Thursday, February 18, 2010

No More Shit Society

I've at last reunited with this nineties treasure after parting with it years ago. I probably sold it during a brief deluded state where I was convinced I had "outgrown" crust. While not much into CDs, the need to atone for my arrogance has brought "Cathode Ray Coma" back into my collection and perhaps the main contents of it right into yours. Much of what made Discharge and ENT great is lovingly retrofitted into this blazing fast crust odyssey. The advent of Leigh's vocals and more varied and interesting song writing make "CRC" a noticeably more exhilarating listening experience than say, the material from the split LP. "Extensive Slaughter" and "Shit Society" are total classics in my personal cannon if you need a place to start. In addition, this CD version has the tracks from the "The Waste and the Greed" 7" as well as the EOW side of their split with Dischange.

Excrement of War "Cathode Ray Coma" CD (Finn Records, ripped @ 256 kbps)



Literally...I almost posted this today!!

anime said...

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Painajainen said...

great cd shame cathode ray coma never made it onto vinyl annd also R.I.P. Mags and also it's a shame that Tom (the guitar player) is a bonehead these days