Monday, July 16, 2007

Kolokol - (Hopefully) The Future of Hardcore

For a band that started in the mid '90's, Norway's Kolokol have given their fans very little output... until now. Moo Cow records has finally released (3 or so months ago) Kolokol's first LP "Flammer og Farger" (CD is available in Norway from Sjakk Matt Plater). For the uninitiated, Kolokol play a fast, thrashy style of melodic hardcore punk that deserves a category of its own. The star here is the guitarist, who alternates frantically between moments of dischord and catchy melody. At times the squeely chaos of his playing reminds me of fellow countrymen/women Life... But How to Live It (but not quite as involved and complex). The vocals are shouted with plenty of angst, though I wish they would have recorded them a little louder. But Kolokol has the ingredient for which there is no formula: Energy! They simply exude the shit. If you play their records too loudly, make sure there are no sharp or heavy objects close by!

I am posting songs from Kolokol's "Tilbake Til Start" 7" as well, because it would be a shame for people to miss out on this excellent disk. Here the band cranks through 6 songs which were written in the '90's. These tracks are decidedly unrelenting and fast, and afterward, you feel as though you listened to an entire album ... it's that satisfying. On the LP, the band has more space and is more "mature," so they play around more with tempo changes and song structures. Whichever incarnation of Kolokol I listen to, I must conclude that they are one of the best hardcore bands in Europe. Give 'em your support!

"Ingen Mennesker" from "Flammer og Farger"
"Ny Tid Truer" from "Tilbake Til Start"
"Solgt" from "Tilbake Til Start"

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