Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Skrupel - Das Powerviolence!

Whoever coined the ridiculous term "powerviolence" should be located and given a severe melvin (a procedure known in other regional dialects as a "snuggy" or simply a wedgie). Nevertheless, this musical term has stayed with us, and we're familiar with what it designates. Which brings us to Germany's Skrupel, who play powerviolence/fastcore the right fuckin' way! The obvious lineage of influence/comparisons would be Siege, Infest, Heresy, Luzifer's Mob, etc. Like a proper powerviolent band, they have their share of split 7"s out there, but their "Gyroscan T5-11" LP/CD is 17 tracks of metallic, fast, hardcore that never gets boring. Skrupel's Checklist for Keeping the Listener's Interest -Rule #1: Do not rely on speed; but if your going to play fast, have a drummer that mixes it up! Rule #2: Write distinguishable, catchy riffs. Rule #3: Try not to use monotone/overly mechanical grindcore vocals. So, if you're bored with most grindcore and fastcore, you may be pleased with Skrupel. Like many German bands, they play with great precision and calculation, but have fun/don't take themselves too seriously. The LP is in danger of going out of print, so hurry if you're interested. Also check out their split EPs with Phobia, Rupture, Brutal Death, and Godstomper.
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