Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maxwell's Demon and the Blogotropolis

What right have I to saturate the web with yet more musical opinions and information? Yes, I am a blog virgin. But after 15 years listening to hardcore punk and its many off-shoots, I have a few treasures to share. I have now made it my mission (hobby, really) to present music I love from both the past and the present. Many of the older records to be showcased will be ones that I feel have gone underappreciated here in the states, and the more contemporary offerings will be ones I fear might suffer the same neglect (ie. many will be "foreign"). Will this blog make it to the big city, shouldering its way through the bustling blog line for a crumb or two of recognition each day? Or will it fizzle out in the small town of one-entry blogs? I aim for the former. Join me in my plight! (And if you want me to remove your band's mp3's, just say so).

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