Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GOB Is My Co-pilot

The cover of the "Autopsy Mayhem: Hard Sound Part One" comp. is so butt-ugly (and damaged in addition) that I decided just to post a photo of GOB from the insert. This is a mainly grind/sludge comp with several household names and a few one-hit wonders. The CD is billed as a "Trainwreck Complication" because the tracks were recorded at Trainwreck Studios, and I guess we can assume that's the label's name as well. There are eleven bands and ten tracks (wait, how is that possible?), and they all come from the brutal side of the tracks. Heavy stuff!


1. GOB
2. Noothgrush
3. Bros. Jibb
4. Jenny Piccolo
5. Billy Clyde
6. Shedwellaz
7. Agents of Satan
8. Benumb
9. deadbodieseverywhere
10. Utter Bastard
11. Makara


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i had never heard of this comp before...i'm bathing in gob (gross)!