Sunday, July 6, 2008

Agobophobia: The Fear of GOB

And fear them you should! GOB are here to destroy everything you've ever held dear, including what you call "music." We continue this series dedicated to all things GOB with an incredible split by two amazing bands: Agoraphobic Nosebleed and, well, GOB. ANB have collected some pretty impressive credentials during their veteranship in the fast-as-hell grind/powerviolence saga. They mix the fast with the heavy is such a way as to produce pure whoop-ass! I also really enjoy their terse, axiomatic, nihilistic lyrical spew-- and I do quote from "Computer Lethargy" --"Aspire to reduce your world to a monitor screen. Finger fuck a keyboard into ecstasy. Fat nuts, dumpy butt-- Dilbert fleshed into being." You need these seven tracks badly!

This time we get three tracks from the nebulous and surreal monster that is GOB. There's one about a guy who's really hard to kill, another about white meat, and finally one about... GOB! I would say this is the band at its best, but I've never heard them otherwise!

Preview: I have handful of comps with GOB on them coming up... soon.

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Anonymous said...

I have looked for these ANB tracks everywhere - so good. Also, the Gob and Pig Destroyer split is of the same caliber, hopefully you'll post that one day for those who haven't heard.

Batguano said...

Yes, the ANB tracks completely rule. I have neglected this band far too long, but now I'm on an agoraphobic rampage!

Shit, I'm one of those who hasn't heard the Pig Destroyer split (in fact, I hadn't even heard ABOUT it until now!). Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm on the case. If I do find it, a post will follow ASAP!

Anonymous said...

this is a hard record to beat...hail gob!