Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Whale's Vagina


Okay, now that I have your attention... since the inception of the FE blog one year ago today, I've been wanting to do a San Diego mixtape. The purpose? To prove to myself that San Diego doesn't (completely) suck. It does, but as a music lover I have to do something to make existence in this musically/culturally retarded part of the world tolerable (until I make my escape...). The most appropriate analogy for the music produced in this town is a geographically accurate one: It's a desert. But, as you make your way across it, you're bound to find some oases which are all the sweeter for being so rare. As much as I complain, some of the most important music (at least in my life) was born of this land of dire scarcity.

So what does this mixtape hold for the brave few who venture to download it? Not an easy answer. There's a little something for everyone... I've included Tijuana as part of the San Diego area in order to include the crusty bestias, Bümbklaatt and Coäccion, you'll get plenty of speed and brutality from the likes of Crossed out and The Neighbors, some of that often maligned chaos of the Gravity Records crew from Heroin and Clikatat Ikatowi, a whole heap of the idiosyncratic and sometimes downright nutty rock experimentations from Creedle, Drive Like Jehu, Last of the Juanitas, Tarantula Hawk, and lots more noise besides. I was going to assemble two volumes: hardcore and rock. But that wouldn't do much to open up musical boundaries. So here it is. It's a mess, but it's teeming with genius at many points. Hopefully you'll discover some new favorites.

25 tracks, 21 bands

The Bands:

Battalion of Saints, Drive Like Jehu, Crossed Out, Bümbklaatt, Three Mile Pilot, The Neighbors, Spanakorzo, Heroin, aMiniature, Find Him and Kill Him, Last of the Juanitas, Second Story Window, Coäccion, Hot Snakes, Gehenna, Swing Kids, Tarantula Hawk, Run For Your Fucking Life, Clikatat Ikatowi, Spring Break, Creedle.

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No new posts for about a week. I'll be traveling around Oregon (a place to which I may one day make my escape), but don't let that stop you from leaving a comment. I had to exclude a lot of bands from this mix in consideration of file size and low attention spans. I just wanted a good representation of talent and diversity, both new and old (and plenty of personal favorites). Feel free to bitch and complain that I didn't include your favorite SD band, or offer suggestions, stories, new favorites...


Anonymous said...

Perfect mix Batguano. I like the text and what you've chosen to represent SD. You can't include everyone, I think that would be the responsibility of someone doing a blog just on SD bands, but what you have chosen makes sense. You have provided another mixed CD for those drives to and from work. Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary :D

And thanks for this, I like eclectic mixes. I've not heard anything by many of the bands on here, so I expect to be challenged but ultimately left with a big grin on my face. Cheers!

7inchcrust said...

happy birthday :)
and thanks for this comp.

Icky said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
if you find yourself in Bend, Oregon (and you like beer) do yourself a favor and stop by the Deschutes brewery / Pub and enjoy a Mirror Pond Pale Ale (my fave beer) or any of their other brews...

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

congratulations! I´ve to admit that I forgot my blog birthday but even if I wouldn´t have forgotten I doubt I´d have had an idea for a comp. as good as yours!

voidhead said...

coincidentally, i just watched anchorman on tv last night. i'll make sure to check this comp out! LOUD NOISES!!!

Batguano said...

Hey, I finally got to a computer! Thanks ya'll for the support and nice comments.

Lo-res: I LOVE beer. I've been to a couple of micros on this trip, but we didn't get to Bend. I think I know where to get Mirror Pond back home, though. Thanks!

voidhead: Thanks for the link. I'll be linking you as soon as I get home.

"The Arsonist has oddly shaped feet!"

blend77 said...

hey! happy blog birthday.

This is a great mix youve offered. A girl from San Diego that moved to NY in 92 got me into a lot of these great bands and I personally have always had a thing for that scene. Even the noodly chaotic Gravity stuff (especially Clikatat)

Anyway, saw you had me linked... Linking you up my way. Have fun on the rest of your trip. I love the Pac. NW.

Unknown said...

Brilliant stuff, man! Thanks for this, and happy birthday!

Batguano said...

Blend- Right on! I've been reading your blog for upwards of a year now. It's good to be linked. Thanks.

Metal Bastard- Thanks, man. I'm gonna go ahead and link your blog too if you don't mind!