Saturday, July 5, 2008

You Can't Run Away From GOB

I've recently run across some GOB paraphernalia, so it's time for a series of posts! For more info and links regarding this noisy, subversive ensemble, visit an earlier post on their great LP. The first split for today is one I've had for a while, and was my first exposure to the band. Somehow these blaspheming corrupters-of-the-youth roped in God-fearing ex-game show host, Wink Martindale to do a split with them. Holy Shit, indeed! If anyone knows any info about how or why this scheme was cooked up, PLEASE comment. On GOB's side of the insert, the band puts on the sheep's clothing and claims to be a Christian rock band. They're pretty convincing until the end when they command "SAY YOU LOVE SATAN!" (well, then there's the large image of a little devil jack-hammering a guy's head...). To say that the band has a wicked sense of humor is a major understatement. The GOB track, "Soft Bodied" completely shreds, and the Martindale tracks, well, you be the judge.

I believe only 600 of these were ever pressed by the once mighty Slap-A-Ham Records. My copy's a little scratched to Hell, but here it is (and another GOB split will be coming up later today, hopefully).

Your Salvation here

Get their split with Spazz here

Get a live track here

Back Cover


demogorgo said...

i always assumed that wink martindale was some stupid ironic band name o_O

Batguano said...

I figured that too when I first picked this up (Denial). But then I heard the tracks (Confusion), and later had to put the doubts aside (acceptance). I'm still confused, but it's GOB, so it kinda makes some sense...

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

besides that it´s brilliant I don´t really know what else I could say!

Sno-Time said...

Wink Martindale was a famous gameshow host. ("Tic Tac Dough" is the show that I remember from the 80's, but he was on a million of 'em).
I'm pretty sure that the GOB split with him was just a joke. I bet Chris Dodge (who put out the record) found a religious Wink Martindale record at a thrift store or something and just thought it would be a laugh to have his tune as the B side to GOB record. I seriously doubt that he contacted Wink or got his permission to use it. The dude (Wink) is obviously religious (and very patriotic judging from his website!) and I'm guessing he wouldn't have agreed to do a split with GOB (or any other power violence band, for that matter).
Around the same time, Slap-A-Ham also released a Spazz split 7" with the comedian Jimmie Walker (J.J. from "Good Times"). I'm guessing that was a similar deal/prank.

Batguano said...

Yeah, I figured, but it's sometimes more fun to continue the gag.