Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Because Man Will Always Be Man

Mindless is (was?) one hell of a crusher of a hardcore band with Faiza of Faithealer and Hatred Surge on vocals. Aside from some idiosyncratic flourishes here and there, the band stays true to the lull you with slow, heavy riffs, then crack you over the head with a cudgel of blast beats method of hardcore. Crossed Out did it, Extortion does it, and I'm blessed with a wooden ear that never gets tired of hearing it!

The Mindless 6 track demo tape

It's doubtful (limited to 100 copies), but you may still be able to get a copy here.



hey thanks a million was searching for this....

happy new year

and btw if youre so crazy for EXTORTION check their disco post on my blog many rarities there



Batguano said...

What's up man?! Happy New Year right back at ya. I've recently gone crazy over Extortion so I'll head over there soon. Thanks!