Monday, January 4, 2010

Songs of the Past Few Months

It's been a damned long time since I've done a Song of the Week post. Having given myself a chance to catch up on recent releases, I'm bubbling over with songs to where the SOTW format just won't cut it. That's right, it's mixtape time! This is NOT a best of 2009 mix. It's merely a sampling of some records I picked up last year and which refuse to stay in their sleeves. Hell, some of them may be as old as 2007. I also made an effort to choose LPs that have NOT been posted either as a SOTW or complete download here in the past. The genres showcased tend less toward the violent grinding ensembles this time, and lean decidedly toward the heavy and gloomy, as well as the melodic. I can't say why-- that's just the way it happened. I'm super stoked on all the records represented below, so if you're not familiar, give 'em shot!

All the tracks were ripped from vinyl (@256) so there may be some minor editing issues. As usual, if you like what you hear and have the cash, support the bands, labels, etc.

1. Never Healed- "Where The Crosses Grow" from the s/t 12"
2. Battle Of Mice- "The Bishop" from the split 12" with Jesu
3. Extortion- "Losing Battle" from the "Sick" LP
4. Preying Hands- "Preying Hands" from the "Through The Dark" LP
5. Insuiciety- "Left For Dead" from the s/t LP
6. Contrast Attitude- "Life" from the "Apocalyptic Raw Assault" 12"
7. Agrimonia- "The Decay" from the s/t LP
8. Organism- "Hell" from the "Hope" LP
9. Morne- "Untold Wait" from the "Untold Wait" LP
10. Assassinators- "A For Anarki" from the "Sigt Efter Hjertet" LP
11. Aussitot Mort- "On A Qu'à Se Dire Que L'on S'en Fout" from the "Montuenga" LP
12. Grails- "Reincarnation Blues" from the "Doomsdayer's Holiday" LP
13. Masshysteri- "Istiden" from the "Vår Del Av Stan" LP

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Zmaj said...

Nonetheless - I, certainly a speed enthusiast, say that these are damn good bands and track choices.

Anonymous said...

never healed and masshysteri lps are both awesome, and can't go wrong with that japanese stuff either...

fuck writing about just stuff that came out last year. i'd much rather write bout my favorite albums that i picked up last year regardless of release date

happy new year!

Batguano said...

Hey Zmaj, I'm glad someone agrees, especially someone such as yourself with such discerning tastes!

Whatup Vengeance! Good to see you here. Yeah, this time of year I often rattle on about the abitrariness of years, dates, etc. In the DIY world, it sometimes takes two or more years before recordings see a release date anyway.

And, indeed, Massysteri and Never Healed are two bands I go to when I'm stuck in a 'what-to-play-next' quandry. They're just so friggin' good!

Ditto on the New Year, man. It's gonna be a good one damnit!

thuglifebaldwin said...

good stuff, loving your blog.

check mine out if you get the chance

hardcore/emo/crust/grind/noise ect

Batguano said...

Hey, dude, I just read through your blog and found a bunch of stuff I forgot I've been wanting to try out, and a couple of records you beat me in posting. I'll be downloading and commenting shortly!

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