Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SOTW: "Busy" (Jawbreaker)

I guess this song first attracted me this week because of the title. My single friends and I are always bitching about our married friends and how "busy" they are. We spend most of our adult lives working and sleeping; then add familial "obligations" into the mix and the extra things that must be done to handle the extra expenses of the little ones (extra work, going back to school...) and, yeah, I can understand being busy; my sympathy and patience goes out to those folks! But then there are the others, married or otherwise, who clutter their lives with so much... intent on living "better" through a concentration and saturation of busy activity. Whatever happened to smelling the roses... reading a book? Maybe I've been reading a little too much Proust lately (yes, I will read the whole fucking thing this time), but ride your bike during rush hour and you'll see that everyone seems to be in a hyper-tense rush to get to the next phase of their day, psychotically and with a disregard sometimes for others' lives. Everything must be canned and packaged for easy and fast preparation, even our information and news. We watch our world from the window of a high-speed train, and wonder how we got to the age we're at so quickly. This folly becomes painfully apparent at times like these, when I realize I've become one of those people. Then I complain of my victimization by life, by my boss, but how much of that stress is self-imposed? Lots to figure out here, but I digress. How about some more Jawbreaker?!

Blake, or at least the persona of "Busy," will always find the time to help you when you're in need. Especially when you're on the brink of suicide. Comforting, eh? I've always thought so. Not to mention, the "Busy" 7" was the first piece of vinyl I ever owned by this, one of my favorite, bands. It's a brilliant early track with many of the Jawbreaker hallmarks present and accounted for: blurry but catchy melody, a special wit with language, and a hint of the sardonic. Turn off the TV, maybe even turn off the lights, and drink it in, my friends...

"Busy" by Jawbreaker (ripped from the 7" on Shredder Records)



Mike said...

Cool post - one of the best songs from one of the best bands. Did you hear about Unfun being re-released on vinyl in a month or two? Saw a post from Adam about it - totally re-mixed and re-mastered. It'll be on 12" with a download code and also on CD with Whack and Blight and this 7". So excited about this - I've always been unhappy with the CD mix since I'd heard the LP version first but didn't have a copy on vinyl myself.

Batguano said...

Naw I hadn't heard, but that's great fucking news! And long overdue I may add. I remember you mentioning wanting to get "Unfun" vinyl rips. I kept my eye out, but the price seemed only to rise. I'm all over reissue, though. On the Blackball imprint I'm assuming? I wonder if they'll ever re-press Chesterfield Kings.

RyGar said...

Oh, thass a good one, there. I remember it as an early single, myself. Always on my headphones in the summer.

Working in a tiny pizza spot, I get my fair share of people too "busy" to show even the slightest bit of civility. It is pretty rare to see people looking generally happy, or at least content, when they're going about their daily routine. I mean, shit, I've got a lot to do too, but I try to stay congenial. It used to be that I'd go around scowling all day, but that gets tiring. I'd rather get someone to laugh at a shitty remark or pun, than further add stress to their day. Is that me being a hippie? Nah, because it's motivated by a desire to suppress my own anger at the state of the world. As Keith Morris sang, "I've got the world up my ass!" And, I think it'd be better for everyone if we all try to avoid a conflict.

Come to think of it, the vocal style on this one is very "busy" sounding during the verses. Like he's just trying to rattle them off and move on to the next track. Then the chorus slows, and drags out the last syllables of each phrase. Very clever indeed.

Batguano said...

Hey Ry, yeah I worked retail-type jobs for years and after a while started counting how many of my greetings were unanswered. I don't remeber the numbers, but they were pretty obscene. I guess it doesn't help that we're in SoCal with it's famous dickish attitude. But, yeah, those pricks aren't worth conflict.

Not surprised you dig the song. Jawbreaker forever!

justin said...

Brilliant words, great tune. Living in what should be a more laid back place in it's isolation, I've found that although people are friendlier on the surface, when you dig a little deeper you see their driven by the same desires...a selfish kind of excess. A mass pilgrimage of gluttony.

There should not be anything but great tunes when they're wrapped in a photo of Walter Matheu pouring himself some hooch. Thanx as alwasy sir for sharing your love of music.

Batguano said...

Hey Justin,
you sound so bitter! I get that way too more times than not. No doubt, a lot of us focus on the negative, maybe as a survival tool... being suspicious and cautious keeps us away from trouble. But then again, it also can make us vicious and predatory like the people we despise. I try to balance hating assholes without becoming an asshole and I've seen the line get blurry. Times like those I sometimes envy you for living in nowhere, Kansas!

As far as love of music goes, ditto to you my man! I didn't think it possible, but the Relics has gotten even better in the last few months. Kick ass post after kick ass post... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

lol. good posts here