Monday, January 11, 2010

Song of the Week: "Rainforest Downfall"

I believe I've sung the praises for the scratchy vocal stylings of Tati* before on this blog. In an unintentional scrape with irony, the SOTW is an instrumental track from the most prolific of her bands, Lost World; that's right, I'm posting a Tati band, sans the Tati. It seems unfathomable, but "Rainforest Downfall" is one of those rare things: a truly affecting hardcore punk instrumental. I'll follow the band's lead and cut the verbage already.

"Rainforest Downfall" by Lost World from the "Tot Aber Haltbar" LP

* Tati handled vocals for Day By Day, Lost World, Endrophobia, His Iro Is Gone, Animal Bondage, Apocalypstix...