Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's My Choice to be on the Piss

Just because you have a favorite beer, is that going to keep you from trying other brands? It certainly doesn't stop me (Green Flash's Hop Head Red Ale is my current obsession in this department..). Neither does the fact that The Obliterated didn't exactly revolutionize hardcore punk stop me from liking their stab at the crusty obnoxiousness exhibited in today's featured disks. Do I hear some Vice Squad, Dirt, Mankind?, and Smarpils in these tracks? Or do my ears just want to hear them? Whatever the case, this is The Obliterated, and they rock hard.

When Brandon H. mentioned this band, I didn't hesitate to jump on them since he's the man who introduced me to Whipped, which I'm still jazzed about. Today you can get the "Insanity" 7" and..

... their split with UK d-beaters, Haywire. The vinyl for both recs. are in pretty "used" condition, but this is crusty punk, not Relapse rock so it shouldn't matter!

Both 7"s HERE


Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome to hear these tunes again! I still run into the singer Rozz from time to time and always bug her about this shit, she always tells me she has no copies of any of the Obliterated stuff...so thanks for hunting down another forgotten northwest gem! Cheers-Brandon

Batguano said...

Hey no problem, man. The good thing about their obscurity is I got 'em for cheap. Cool band for sure!

The SecretMaster said...

Hey, cool post and blog. Love it!

jimmyC said...

me likey, new bands to me thanks

Anonymous said...

haywire doesn't do much for me, but the obliterated rock hard! i'm a sucker for this kind of melodic yet raspy punk fuckin' rock. are there stil bands like this in portland today, or is everyone in amebix frenzy??

Batguano said...

Hey guys thanks for the input. This post didn't get much download-age; testimony to the band's obscurity I guess. Glad it reached a few people at least.

Roman- The Portland punk situation seems pretty intent on neo-stench/crust and post punk, but nothing much in between. Some of the bands are great, but Obliterated does make me nostalgic.