Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scathed & Decrepit

Ah yes, the return of Decrepit to FE-- easily one of the most vicious crust-core bands ever to exist! In a mere three tracks on this split, the band minces no words as they take on ageism, elitism, pacifism, militarism, homophobia, and the God myth. After these four and half minutes I think you'll be left still holding the mouse and wondering what the fuck just happened. Click again; it will only do you good.

Scathed festered in the same damp corner of the country as their split-mates, and played similar "music" although tainted with a bit more noise and youthful sloppiness. What charges this band into the 'memorable' enclave are the harsh vocals which saw through the noise and lacerate the mind. The lyrics to "Buffy (the Clown)" earn Scathed some bonus points too. Knowing (at least vicariously) the Seattle situation, I wouldn't be surprised if the members played in other bands. But I'll leave that blank up to you to fill in.

The Decrepit/Scathed Split (199?) on Un-Yelliman Records

Note: The copy I ripped was in fairly sorry shape... I did what I could to clean it up. The Decrepit tracks are supposedly on a CD that I've seen around the web. Another Decrepit split may be forthcoming, but not for a long while...



Some how Decrepit have always alluded me(though ive been hearing about em for years) and im looking forward to hearing them for the first time.
Thanks a million

Batguano said...

This isn't their best material... check out the Phalanx split below; that's some crushing shit right there.

Hey, excellent work on the blog! I'll be visiting all the time now that I'm back in this thing!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh shit...thatnks for digging this slab 0' rad upman! Did you ever find any Obliterated (portland) stuff?? Cheers! Brandon H.

Batguano said...

Hey B., yeah I found a couple of Obliterated pieces. The rips need some cleaning up, but I'll be posting them ASAP. Thanks for stopping by!