Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Song Of The Week: "Forgetable Fire" (Harriet The Spy)

For years I've been listening to the Harriet The Spy singles collection thinking it was a discography. Discovering that the glorious "Unfuckwithable" LP was exclusive was quite the rejoiceable moment. No, this is not crusty hardcore; it's not even screamy nineties chaos. It's just spacey, rackety rock that's deceptively complex, wonderfully dark, ghoulishly sarcastic, and subtly tinged with hardcore sensibilities (very subtle). They did a split 7" with 3 Studies for a Crucifixion, and I believe are related to Party of Helicopters. HTS are not for everyone who comes here, but they are definitely for me.

"Forgetable Fire"

You can get a CD copy of "Unfuckwithable" here. The above is a homemade vinyl rip.

I've got a little vacation time, so I'm gonna be posting like crazy. First some requests-- tonight... One by One EPs, then some Out Cold!

Soon... I'll be posting tons of links of stuff people have sent for review, etc.

Eventually... I want to do some mega posts on bands like 3 Studies for a Crucifixion, Bonescratch, Ivich, etc.

Intermittently... I want to post a ton of other stuff. Now would be a good time for requests (of course, no guarantees that I have it, but it doesn't hurt to ask)!


Anonymous said...

Great! I would be very interested in Harriet the Spy's lyrics and coverart...

mikxxx said...

i can't wait for out cold
fuck yeah

Batguano said...

Hello anonymous,
Here are "scans" of the LP and inserts. Thanks for your interest!


Mikxxx... coming right up!

aboynamedstew said...

I think that Jamie who played (excuse me, shredded) guitar for The Party Of Helicopters previously drummed for Harriet The Spy. He currently drums in Teeth Of The Hydra, or as we used to say back in Athens, Teeth Of The FUCKING Hydra. "1970's black metal."

Which dovetails beautifully with you mentioning 3 Studies For A Crucifixion (i'd love to have more of their stuff digitally). Total SE Ohio trailblazers, and i do mean blazers. Scorched earth in their wake, but ahead... some of the most crushing (and interesting) metal bands in central ohio and the whole damn midwest: Dead Sea, Teeth Of The Hydra, The Awakening, and Black Dove (as well as Dismal, Nukkehammer, Chrome Leaf records, Solar Funeral records, and I'm sure some other stuff as well).

Just trying to help out when i can. Thanks, as always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the scans!!!
I would be equally interested in scans of the Rye Coalition/Karp split, of any album by Sweep the Leg Johnny and of the "Pigs" album by Ambush. Woul be great if you had any of these. Thank you in advance.

Batguano said...

Stew, your help is always invaluable! Thanks as always. I know Teeth of the Hydra and read somewhere about the connection, but completely forgot. The Awakening and Black Dove are awesome, but the others I'll have check out. A bit 3 studies post should be forthcoming (split 8", split 7", split LP, 1 (2?) comp tracks, etc... hey, how many comps did they do?)

Anyway, thanks again!

Batguano said...

Anon- I sold the Karp split years ago (stupid, I know) and don't have the others now. I'll let you know if things change.