Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guts On Fire

I'm too friggin' busy to make any rips right now, so I'm taking a chance that this incredible Icon Gallery 7" is sold out. If it's not, don't be a cheap-ass-- order one if you like what you hear. "Retribution" made it to the Song Of The Week a few months back (which is when I ripped this), and I'm easily sticking with that decision. How to describe IG's rock leads us to quite an impasse. The band's myspace profile cites Post Regiment, Heart, Iron Maiden, and Prince. Some of these names make sense in vague ways, but we're far from a complete picture. What we do have is some kind of awesome post punk-rock-hardcore with a fair amount of complexity, melody, grit, and hooks; the kind of rock that needs to be heard and not analyzed.

This EP presents their 3 demo tracks and one extra. Some members were previously in Aphasia.

Icon Gallery "Demo" 7" (Link has been removed. Go buy a copy)


Anonymous said...

im pretty sure you can still get this from interpunk if not directly from the label. i got my copy in the mail the other day and found a copy of their other 7" in a record store while on vacation in california. yet to listen to the s/t, but it sucks that neither has the track pain on it. totally my fav icon gallery song >_<

Batguano said...

Good to know. I'll probably remove the link this weekend. Haven't heard "Pain" I don't think.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure they have pain up as a myspace track. based on what i read in an insert from the s/t 7" they're gonna be putting out a lp sometime soon. maybe they're saving pain for that. either way looking forward to snagging up a copy.


Batguano said...

Ooooh, an IG LP? That should be good shit!