Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, We're Åsswipé From Big Lick, Kentucky

For a while, at least two bands a week would send me links to check out or review. While this did wonders to boost the false vanity of my blogger ego, it got to be overwhelming. I kept all the e-mails under the delusional notion that one day I would post this stuff. If you're in one of those bands, I haven't mentioned you until now not because I hate your band or that I'm an asshole (although in other facets of my life, that is easily proven), but I just let myself succumb to a priority "system" based on pure impulse and whimsy. In other words, I post whatever the fuck I feel like on any given week. This will continue until this blog's death, so sorry to say that most "submissions" will be archived indefinitely in favor of dusty records from my collection and the occasional request. To say thanks to most or hopefully all the bands that contacted me thinking that people actually read this thing, here is a big directory of the offerings. I'll make each blurb quick and let you all be the critics. Honestly, some of these bands are doing some incredible things, so get comfortable and get your clicker finger ready.

Mit'an - Un(holy) Hebrew! This band from Israel is just incredible! Emotion, speed, and tightness like you haven't heard in a while. They leave me with a similar feeling as El Mariachi, Torches to Rome, and Ballast/Preying Hands. According to Gad of Urban Decay Records, the band featured members of D9, Dir Yassin, Uzbeks, and Tea With Satan, but unfortunately broke up last year. Crying shame. Being one of the few countries in that region with much of a "scene", it's hard for Israeli bands to get noticed. Thanks Urban Decay for allowing this free download.

Arxi Tou Telous- This band from Athens, Greece is hard to pinpoint soundwise, which is a characteristic in a band that I love. They're right in using the post-punk moniker, but even that can be ambiguous. Very moody and complex, with some nice build-ups. Check out their myspace page or this live set.

Famine Year- Perhaps you've heard of these Finns. They play dark and metallic, grinding modern hardcore a la HHIG, Nasum, Asebia, Perth Express, etc. The recordings sound good and they play with ridiculous amounts of power. Sample their MS tracks here.

Sanctions- The dudes from Sanctions sent me some download links, but the links died. The tracks on their myspace page are pretty powerful post-HHIG, Silence, Madam Germen-type melodic dark crust. Good shit from these guys, which you can purchase here.

The Constellation Branch- TCB get compared to Sunny Day Real Estate and Radiohead, and as reference points, we're not far from cracking the case. Slick, moody, oozing with talent, I wanted to dismiss this band as not-my-cup, but they're sneaky in how they move in on your favor. Maybe it's the xylophone in "ReCreation In Sleep." I don't know-- if you're willing to explore, check 'em out.

Nervous Sex - Some nervously sexual noise here from Philly. I feel bad for holding onto these downloads for so long, because these guys seem like good people. Now, if I can be said to have any expertise, Nervous Sex would be beyond it. But even a layman like me can appreciate the layers of racket produced by these three mad scientists and their convoy of homemade instruments and stockpile of stimulants (just guessing). Here are links to their "Creep Sea" album and a split tape with Drums Like Machine Guns. I hope they don't mind sharing the goods; contact NS on their MS if you'd like hard copies.

Mass Obliteration- I think there's a rule somewhere that if your band has "Mass" or "Obliteration" in its name, you're automatically in with the grindcore crowd. Mass Obliteration from Rome self-label their music "anarcho death metal." This is more accurate than my original assumption. The whole record has an old-school, mid-paced death metal feel, but with some unexpected rockin' and groovin' flourishes. So if that's your thing, get it here (lyrics included, MS link they gave me = dead).

Protozoan- This is a more or less one man industrial/electronic/heavy music band. TomAD has generously offered his three albums for download: "Waterburner", "Amok", and "Fault". These mind-squeezers should keep your consciousness busy for some time.

Big Shiny Prison - ... is a book and journalistic adventure whereby author Ryan Bartek took to the road and committed his experience interviewing various folks in the metal, punk, etc. world to paper (or in our case, a pdf file). I haven't had a chance to read it, but it sounds interesting as heck. Here is the free download for it; I'm not sure if a paper copy has been published at this point.

Stagnation Is Death - Polish hardcore/death metal, and pretty raging as far as that goes. Harsh vocals, lots of bass drums, tremolo madness. It's all there, and the members are very involved in local anarcho activism in their country. So, support SID all you can, and download their LP and split CD to sample the wares.

The New Enemy- I posted one these Canadians' last record a while back and here they're back with this new EP, "Shakedown". I love the more heavy and hardcore direction this time around, but I'm glad they retained their melodic tendencies. Gruff, but still slick, emotive but still heavy... good outing and a nice indication of the future things to come.

Dead Until Dawn- A little more polished than what I'm used to, Dead Until Dawn play ugly metallic hardcore that's good for its genre. The crusty in me makes my attention span wander during listenings, but that's just me.

Lanterns - Hey they're from San Diego! Lanterns play indie rock with punk rock energy, and a hint of the bitter in their sweetness. Kind of like some of those mid-western bands in the nineties. Judging from their merch, I was afraid they'd be too hipster, but the music is what counts, and I have to say... me likey. Not something I'll listen to all the time, but it's a nice way to break up the screaming, blast beats, and post-nuclear imagery of my usual fare.

Fat Mans War Face - Yeah the name got me interested too. FMWF is death metalcore, or whatever arrangements of those root words you prefer. Once again, more metal and more slick than what I'm used to, but they will more than satisfy dudes with a hardspot for mosh, and pride in their hardcoreness. Get their "White Light" EP here.

Purity Control - Another Canadian band to look out for, Purity Control play raw and mean hardcore with distorted vocals and definite associations with PV and metallic hardcore. Devastating shit. This kind of music doesn't require good production, but better production next time will only make this band more badass. Visit their MS page and get links to both of the band's cassettes.

The Smashrooms - These Italians play tight, melodic yet metallic hardcore that draws on that country's HC heritage, but I can also hear a little Sin Dios and American SxE gang-styled vocals. Interesting stuff, and nicely played. The lyrics link is down on their MS page, but they have an anti-fascist blurb on there, so at least there's that. Also at their MS page... free download!

Cool Band Now - If you're tired of being preached at by bands, check CBN. These Santa Cruzers are all about keeping the fun and funny in music. Hard to describe these guys, but I like their attitude about music and such. Chris introduced me to his band after noticing my strange love for crusty pop punk (if such a thing exists). Click here if you like your crust thin...

Organ Trail - Moody, tripped out weirdness that has a heavy feel at times, and a spacious and serene feel at others. I'm at a loss for other words besides... intriguing. I haven't ordered my copy yet, but I will, and you can too.... here.

Mona de Bo - Latvian experimentalists with a dirgy feel to their compositions. Consumption of depressants would aid this adventure greatly. Some tracks are more listenable than others, but I have the feeling time and patience will also come in handy in unwinding the complex threads holding this band's sound together. Another interesting one to walk into with the most open of minds.

Groover - LoFi, Funkadellic, blackened grind! Or something. The band reassures us that we haven't heard anything like this in the last decade. Gotta be true; must be heard. Download "Let's Boogie"

Okay, so I'm not doing this again. As the name of this blog indicates, I much prefer the randomness that has directed postings in the past. Thanks again for all the generous contributions, but I'm probably going to ignore most submissions in the future. I have a hard enough time maintaining this blog as it is!

On that note, I'll try to fill a request tomorrow that I've had to put off, so stay tuned.


thuglifebaldwin said...

lanterns are great! i had the split with this flood will cover the earth and both their other "7s (apocalypse youth and i think they other one is self titled)

justin said...

Quite a list. My blogger ego remains unsatisfied as I get none of these submissions or requests. Will have to give these the old binary spin. Thanx dude.

Batguano said...

Yeah, I was surprised at how much I loved their songs. I'll have to track down their stuff.

Well, Justin, you and your blog are still kicking ass, so you're not missing much. I guess people saw that I was a sucker for reviews-- then they started pouring in. I feel sort of used... just kidding! For you, I would recommend checking out Famine Year, Organ Trail, and Purity Control...

justin said...

Thanx for the compliment man, but in many ways I too am a "sucker". So far I've just had time to explore "Purity Control" and Your recommendation, as always, holds true, the dudes have some kick-ass-ed-ness going on.

Chairmaker said...

Oh man! I was just feeling guilty over all the submissions in my inbox (some of its good too). But at the end of the day my blogs a selfish enterprise for me to post stuff I feel like posting...such is life.