Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Song of the Week: "Cut" (Drunk)

Last time I posted Drunk, the download numbers were a little... modest, but the Song of the Week is all about... me, damn it! So I proceed with "Cut" for the week's selection, for the usual reason of its brilliance. The more rock-influenced nature of the band may put people off for the first listen, but great things are bound to happen with my favorite guitarist in the line-up (Roger from LBHTLI, So Much Hate, and I think Bannylist), and English lyrics that put many American/English bands to shame. The punk rebelliousness and abrasiveness is all there, it's just projected through the more wise lense of experience and therefore more subtle (or does experience make us wise, or just more confused? Lately I've been leaning toward the latter...).

"Cut" by Drunk (from the split LP with Goatboy)


Grave Concern said...

Interesting story about Drunk - they played a show in the city I live in years ago. They were touring with a guy I knew, so I offered my place to crash for the night. I couldn't make it to the show because of work so I just got to meet them when I arrived home at midnight.
I had to be at work at 6am the next morning, so they had to lock up when they left.

Keep in mind this was in a one bedroom apartment, and there were 7 guys staying over (I think). So I got home the next evening after work and they had locked up but not before doing the dishes, cleaning, and vacuuming my apartment!!

Nice Guys!!

Anonymous said...

I dont remember when....They toured in Canada...with the guy of
I set a show for live but how to live it in France and give a little hand for the Drunk east coast tour and the bad montreal show in L'X.
Nice shows.
Roger is one of the best guitarist i saw in a hardcore band...
Buy the drunk records with

Batguano said...

Jordan- That's too awesome! You would never hear stories like that with 80s punk bands. I can't imagine Black Flag doing dishes! Drunk, I can see that. They seem like some pretty considerate fellows.

Fab- thanks for the link. Yes, more people should pick up Drunk records. "Company Tie" at least is still easy to find and has great tracks on it.