Tuesday, June 2, 2009

La Lucha Sigue

The "Zapata Vive - La Lucha Sigue" comp LP was a massive gem that got a lot of spin-time on my turntable in the mid to late '90's. Scan the track list, and you'll see a pretty impressive "who's who" period-piece of European crust and grindcore. The stand-outs for me are probably the tracks by Day By Day and Quarantine, as well as the live classics like "Up The Punks" and "Way Of Doom" (a duet with the Fleas and Lice singer!). "Reality," by Unhinged, would be a highlight if I wasn't already intimately familiar with it from "Win Our Freedom In Fire." There's tons more violent noise to be had, as well as an enormous book(let) dealing with the Zapatista movement which was all the rage at the time.

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mike said...

Great looking comp! I'd heard that the UK Ebola was on a record with the German version... now I finally get to hear it!

I think I'll really dig this week's offerings - comps generally suck nowadays but when they're good I really like the format. A couple of my favorite LPs are comps... they just don't make them like they used to, though.

Batguano said...

The little '90's DIY labels really nailed the comp thing, at least in the amount of love they put into it. I think the last comp that I really felt compelled to listen to repeatedly was the one MRR did recently; for the simple fact that the bands were all great.

I'm planning on posting a couple Satan's Pimp classics Friday... Yeah!