Sunday, June 7, 2009

Song Of The Week: "A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways" (City Of Caterpillar)

City Of Caterpillar was another Richmond band that shook my foundations upon first listen. The long song titles, long track lengths, and odd band name might strike you as pure pretentious bull-stein, but if you kick your patience into overdrive, you'll be rewarded with a sonic bildungsroman of magisterial proportions. The more developed and epic of their tracks lead the listener onto a winding, curving path of enchanting dream and jarring nightmare-- a slightly unnerving realm scored by hypnotic lullabies interspersed with suffocating layers of distorted mayhem. COC seriously destroyed all the boundaries created by labels with the sheer power of their songs, and brilliance of their playing. I won't go into who the members are or what bands they play(ed) in; COC did an impressive enough job making a name for themselves with a series of EPs and their mind-blowing LP. Give "A Little Change Could Go A Long Way" a chance when you're feeling patient. The build-up at the beginning is gradual as heck, but both the journey and the pay-off are well worth your time.

"A Little Change..." (128 kbps)

"A Little Change..." (320/Mediafire)


beastbeastbeastie said...

fuck yes. this band rules, this song rules, and those dudes were total sweethearts the couple times i met them.

also... all that broken glass sounds? accomplished live with a traffic barrel, a cinder block and pile of empty beer bottles. gorgeous.

Batguano said...

That's so great that you're a fan of these guys. I didn't ever meet them, but I got to see them live once. In a word: mesmerizing!

chrisc said...

i wish i could have seen those guys must have been intense.anyway,great and often imitated band.