Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A World Badly Made

Amen makes its third appearance on this blog, this time covering Oi Polloi, and taking on subjects like nuclear fallout and raccoon-faced satanist posers. Their American tag-team partners are Short Hate Temper. You probably know these El Paso grinders from various power house splits with the likes of Slight Slappers, Scalplock, Quill, and Harsh. A fast EP for a week that cannot be over fast enough.


Michael said...

thanks for all of the Amen posts - their vocals are so comparable to those of Extreme Noise Terror, but so so much rawer. Good shit !

jimmyC said...

i have this one, the others no. this is one of those splits that you really do not know who is the better band. you listen to 1 side and say 'it just dosent get any better than that'... then you flip it....and it gets getter!!!!!!!!!!!!