Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Song of the Week: "A Six Inch Valley" (Planes Mistaken for Stars)

Another song about loss and the sauce, "A Six Inch Valley" is one of the more hard hitting tracks on the brilliant "Up In Them Guts" LP. Plenty of bands are "hard to describe," but PMFS was one of those rare breeds that created a distinct concoction that seemed to flow from them organically. They didn't try to sound like anyone else, ended up truly sounding like no other, and if anyone else tries to sound like them, they will be called out as posers, but quick. The Motorhead comparisons you may have heard only allude to the band's grit, but really the similarities end there. It's just grungy, emotive, brutally sincere rock that although standing alone, has its roots anchored in many varied and mysterious soils.

"And you know, I couldn't sell you a lie to save my life.
So it's up to ugly truths to scrape us by.
Or down to dirty tricks to keep us blind..."

"A Six Inch Valley" by Planes Mistaken for Stars



hey man is it possible to reupload the Lack of Interest & Stapled Shut split?I need those LOI songs.

thanks in advance

Batguano said...

Sure, no problem. Here you go...


If the address is incomplete, just go to the original post; it'll be updated.


thank you very much!

Z said...

uh, Ive never heard them compared to motorhead, who ever thought of that one doesnt listen to music. If anything I would compare them to leatherface.

Batguano said...

Yeah, I remember some reviews along those lines when the first LP came out and the comparison stuck with me for it's ridiculousness. LF is a little closer in style, I agree.

Chairmaker said...

Love this band.