Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unholy Sea Of Shite

Members of One By One, Jinn, etc blasting through 13 intense, grinding tracks-- I'm not sure what else you could want in a record. This is the UK Ebola's only 12" I think, which might be self-titled but I'm calling it "Incubation" because that's what it says on the booklet cover. Both vocalists are in rare form and belt out their wares with straight from the gut anger. Classic!

Ebola (UK) LP (Side B had some surface scratches, so sorry about that.)



thank you so much for this!! love this band, dont have this though!!!
Also, I think you should change up your sidebar 'latest obsessions' and update it. Most (if not all) of those have been up for a while, wondering what your into lately (thats new!!)

Batguano said...

Hey Sean,
Thanks for calling me out on my slacky-ness. I've been telling myself the same thing about that sidebar for weeks. I'll have it updated at least by midweek. Lordy knows, I've been buying enough records to do 5 sidebars!

Anonymous said...

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mikxxx said...

hey, bat
i just found drunks's company tie on 160 rip.
it's not perfect, but decent.
if you like i can sent it to you..
thanx for ebola by the way...

Batguano said...

I'm almost done ripping "Company Tie" anyway, so I'll send them and you can compare.

Also, do you have the first Out Cold LP? I'm almost done with that too.

mikxxx said...

i'm sure that drunk's rip will be perfect!!! i'm waiting...

and for God's sake post Out cold's st lp NOW!!!!!!!!

i don't have it.....

cowboy pennepants said...

Yes, this is Incubation, one of my favorite records ever EVER! I remember working in a health food store basement when I first heard this LP copied onto cassette. blown. away. the following Imprecation 7" is incredibly unique and crushing as well. though I find this one to be more punk and their later work more grind; EBOLA is always coming at you pissed as hell with the shrilling vocals from Karin (sp?) and a heavy, heavy sound. definitely some of my favorite vox from all members. (after this LP I think the orig. male singer died tragically in an accident.) The last 7" rules as well. Awesome find and post!!

Batguano said...

Hey Cowboy,

I totally share your love for this 12". It just doesn't get any more "real" than this. Hardcore for the hardcore. Thanks for sharing your undying appreciation!

Survivalist said...

Jonathan left after this recording and played guitar in Minute Manifesto for a while. He tragically died of cancer four years ago.

Not sure if any of the other ex members besides myself are currently in any active bands, but none of us dropped out or left our principles behind as we grew older.

My strongest memory of recording this fifteen years ago was that i had pneumonia in the studio and felt like i was dying the whole time

Batguano said...

Hey Survivalist:

I appreciate you coming by and sharing the unfortunate info and unsavory memory. Keep in touch and best of luck with EB.