Saturday, May 29, 2010

What About Glass Smashed And Shattered?

Although H:G Fact still lists it as available, I'm posting Envy's first full length due to its scarcity in my hemisphere. But, with the possibility of its reissue by Temporary Residence (just a prediction), these rips will be removed soon. "From Here To Eternity" is a real treat to hear, as the band works out its early ideas and angst, and reveals without shame their distinct take on 90's French hardcore (the first minute sounds like an unreleased Finger Print track!). The drumming may not be as frenetic-yet-intricate, and the layers of guitars not quite as masterful as on, say, "All The Footprints...," but considered as if in a vacuum, "FHTE" is an excellent piece of work.

"From Here To Eternity" by Envy (H:G Fact, 1998... CD Rips). Please try to buy a copy and support H:G Fact because it's an amazing label!

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