Monday, September 29, 2008

Adolescent Girls Engaging In Heavy Petting

Did you really think I'd go too long without a Gob post? Really, though, this split EP with fellow Reno-ites, Loadstar, is of interest only for the true Gob fans. As a very early outing, the band hadn't yet discovered its musical inner demon, and their lack of edge and aggression is all too noticeable. The saturation of feedback and such is in plain earshot, but it only begins to foreshadow the behemoth they would unleash on their later splits and LP. I wish I could say that Loadstar add something extraordinary to this platter. They play a quirky, guitarless form of rock with semi-spoken vocals and a trumpet. Interesting, but not remarkable. This pee-pee colored EP came with a bunch of wacky DIY style inserts which I've scanned for your amusement. File this one under Gob completism.


Anonymous said...

never had this one, but it IS gob.

Slimebarfer Supreme said...

Pumped to see this here, I played kazoo on the Loadstar songs. Thanks! I always wanted to have these on my mp3 player for when people don't believe me when I tell them I am a recorded kazoo arteest, ha!

The originals all came with a random photo (mostly blurred or rejected photos) and a Satan's Pimp logo sticker. Now that's value!