Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blinded By Your Vision

The Aversionline Blog just reposted Christdriver's monstrosity of a CD, so here's a companion piece-- the band's two song 7" (Profane Existence, 1995?). Armed with a frighteningly heavy, metallic guitar sound and a penchant for movie samples, these ex-Subvert players wail out a bleak and detached form of metal that takes its influence from doom metal and industrial music, but is neither. Having less room on this EP, the band keeps it fairly straight to the point, although the doomier, hypnotic "Sight" almost reaches the six minute mark. If you can handle the slow and heavy stuff, this band is crushingly good, but I recommend listening to the album first.

The 7" (320 kbps) You might be able to buy a copy here!

In update news, if you enjoy Enewetak and Burning Kitchen, go to the comment boxes for those posts to find some more free goodies!


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