Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curious Guy is also a Generous Guy

We can thank Curious Guy of the prolific and compelling Phoenix Hairpins and System//Sabotage//Chaos blogs for ripping today's featured split between Japan's Deride and Singapore's Minus (Underground Warder Productions, 2000). Even with two blogs to manage, he still found the time to send this gem our way. What a guy!

On to the music: this time, Deride's tracks have a more burning spirits feel to them, but there's a bit less of that seizure-inducing punch and power evident on their Mangrove EP and the recent LP. No matter, though, because Deride completely kills, and anything they do is worth repeat listens on a loud volume setting. As far as Minus is concerned, this is my only exposure to them thus far, and possibly to any hardcore/crust band from Singapore. Minus's sound is (all-caps) RAW in it's crusty power and simplicity. There may be nothing new or dynamic about the band's approach, but there's a feeling of authenticity and genuine conviction that leaves an impact for sure.

Thanks again to Curious Guy (who ripped this disk at 256 kbps!). You're a real class-act in this hectic and congested blogotropolis!


Anonymous said...

i just found yer blog, fucking GREAT.

i just download grimple , inhumanity ojorojo, couple of comps, Its been hard finding stuff like this in the blogosphere. its either discharge clones, death metal or silly old 'punk rock'.

good luck in the school year

Curious Guy said...

Done with pleasure Batguano. I don't post daily and ripping a 7" doesn't take much time. Glad you like it.

Batguano said...

Vincent- It was still really good of you to offer :)

Madshad- It's great to have you aboard! I try to throw in a little bit of everything that I like, and it's nice to know a few people such as yourself are enjoying it too. I notice that black and white covers with Discharge-esque designs tend to get the most downloads, so there must be a demand for it. But there's just too much out there to limit oneself, you know. Thanks for actually leaving a comment (most people who download neglect to do that...). Until Later.