Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Pimp Of Satan

The second Gob-related noise installment for this week is this classic Satan's Pimp Records comp, "Accidental Death Through Misadventure & Mayhem" (Vol 2). In the S'sP tradition, we're treated to six tracks by six heavy and whacked-out noise rock bands. At high volumes, this comp can be endlessly entertaining! Even if you don't enjoy this genre, at least download it for the intermittent chuckles you'll get by having the name Jackwacker listed on your i-pod (if you have one).


1. Pachinko- "Sideshow"
2. Gob- "Tough Cookie"
3. Jackwacker- "Thighmaster"
4. Exit- "Oxidize"
5. Designer- "Pissing In My Bed"
6. Bhang Dextro- "L.T.A.T.W."

Experience the misadventure HERE


Anonymous said...

holy crap! satan's pimp records! do you have volume one? i have the vinyl but no digital copy, and with all the gob on this blog, i've been loading up my ipod with mid 90's noise/rock/powerviolence.

Batguano said...

Gray, thanks for all the comments! I was beginning to forget this was a blog. It completely rules to know that someone else out there goes ape over Gob!

To answer your question, this is the only Satan's Pimp Comp I have... right now. Vol. 1 seems so elusive, I was starting to doubt it was ever released! If you could, let me know the full title... that will help me a lot in my search.

Thanks again!