Sunday, October 26, 2008

Song Of The Week: "Corners" (Assück)

I think we can all agree that Assück destroyed! Faced with the impossible task of choosing one song of theirs to post, I erred on the side of sentimentality. "Corners," the version that appears on the No Idea comp, "Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric," was the first track I ever heard from these Florida sages of political (and "personal") grind. I was going through an anti-metal/grindcore phase (I guess it was a pro-Ebullition/Gravity phase), but my pretentious prejudice stood little chance against Assück's immense power. The clincher was definitely the lyrics. I wasn't about to tolerate (at that time) any silly occult/evil/gore-suffused nonsense, and the lyrics to "Corners" struck me as incredibly sincere. Later, the leftist diatribes on "Anticapital" would continue to win me to the band's side forever, inflaming the idealist in me, and pulling me out of the musical rut into which I had fallen. I still remember seeing them play and only being able to recognize "Corners"-- it being the only song of theirs I was familiar enough with (the indistinguishable blur of noise coming out of the amps was also a factor). So, yeah, everything they did was great, but for me this is where it started. We needn't get into a debate about which of their albums was the better; both are essential and luckily still available. Hail Assück!


Time does nothing but work against me.
I wake alone and walk alone between the walls
that insecurity has built around me.
Forced into circuits, into circles, into cycles.
I find all my refuge in corners.
It's the only place where things meet.

Old, weird show flyer:


Zmaj said...

Yes, lyrics! All Assück lyrics kick ass. And as for Corners; it actually specifically inspired a work of my own.


I love it haha :D

Batguano said...

That's another good one... you can't go wrong with this band's words. So what kind of work was it... visual? auditory?

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in reading Zmaj's reply as well.

Mr. Batguano, I am really enjoying this song of the week thing you have going and this one is especially good. Your writting is so intricate, yet direct and to the point, ala Assuck lyrics.

My first exposure to these guys was the Old Lady Drivers split and at the time I actually liked the O.L.D. a bit better for thier unique sound. Of course I just had it in tape form and didn't have the luxury of the the lyrics. The one thing I did understand was the clip they had of a guy discussing the connection between animal experimentation and, sexism and racism.

Now I would put Assuck in my top ten all time of bands in any genre. Lyrics, music, artwork all put them on a whole other level. My personal favorite tune for both lyrics and music is Perpetual Cycle. "Around the cycle rotates on the axis of despair, untouched by question we merely sit and stare." Thank you sir.

Batguano said...

Hey Justin,

Thanks for the nice words (both yours and Assück's)! These guys have got to be one of the few grind bands that I consider "inspirational" so I love when others feel it too. It's kind of ironic that such an articulate bunch of guys would find expression through grunting and snarling... but it makes perfect sense to me somehow.

Zmaj said...

Oh well, it was lyrics of my own, but I am generally inspired by Assück on many levels (including music and artwork, yeah).

panzram said...

Best grindcore band ever. Trivia: try to identify Chris Barnes' (Cannibal Corpse) cameo on the Anticapital/Blindspot album.

Batguano said...

I don't think I've heard this trivia bit before; I'll give the disc a few more spins and see if I can pick 'em out!

Anonymous said...

decent napalm death cover band

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying navigating (or stumbling) through your blog, there's some amazing stuff here, thanks.

It's good to see ASSUCK never faded, and people remember them well. I had been mailed a live gig and the demo even when I lived in Australia in 1988/89.

I always thought 'Anal Mistress' was a great representation of their style, and cool title hehe.

So how's about EXITSECT? Should be very interesting to hear Paul's contribution with them once they are done recording.

Cheers - thanks for all the effort Fugitive!


Batguano said...

Exitsect?!! Sounds awesome...I'll be keeping an eye out for them. Good to see you here and glad you found some stuff of interest!