Monday, July 20, 2009

Cap'n Jazz - Shmap'n Shmazz

Go ahead and laugh. Is Cap'n Jazz a guilty pleasure? Shit yeah. But heck, what other band could with so much ease summon the buried memories of those innocent years when the only worry you had was how to get 50 cents to buy an ice cream from the guy in the truck jingling "Pop Goes The Weasel" (who was probably a pedophile, but this could NEVER occur to you) with charmingly assonant psychobabble like "Dictioncanary can swear she's barely aware of her apparently paralyzing stares?" They will be called pretentious and other epithets of foulness, but I prefer to quote the band again and say that Cap'n Jazz was "a puppy, a balloon, and a happy accident"!

¡Que Suerte!

*This is the second to last in the fun-summer-Song Of The Week series. A week from today, it's back to work for me. I'm also awaiting a new stylus in mail for my turn table, but I still plan on doing some posts, so stay tuned! (I'll have to see what I've got in my CD collection...)


justin said...

Hey man I hadn't hit you up in a while so I thought I'd check out your SOTW since I'm at work and can't do anything with RAR file here. I got an error though "Access Denied! This file is not available because you are either not logged in or do not have the owner's permission to view it." Oh well, I hope you're enjoying your last days of freedom and then welcome back to the grind. Later

Bammy said...

It's awesome to see someone has something other than their double CD discography to share! Cool post, ma' brotha'.

Batguano said...

Hey Justin, thanks. I see that it's been a little slow at MR, which means you're probably having a great summer. I hope that's the case.

Hey Bammy, thanks for stopping by. "Que Suerte" is indeed from on the Discography as is the entire CD pictured at the top. The only track I have that is NOT on the 2xCD was too dark for this post (entitled "Naive"). Anyway, thanks again!

Unknown said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag