Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Steps To Hell

Farcical was yet another virile offshoot of the G-Anx/Elderberry Records tree. Where they fit into the lineage is a little hazy, but based on the recording date of the split below, the band appears to be pre-Counterblast. The first label I wanted to throw onto the 7" pictured above was Counterblast-lite. This is unfair, however, because the songwriting is every bit as engaging, albeit a little less heavy and depressing. I daresay the undistorted picking forays are at times more beautiful than Counterblast's best.

This early Farcical split sees the band hopscotching between the depression and brutality of their early incarnation (G-Anx) and the more mind-bending psychedelia of their more
progressive work. Awesome tracks, but don't ask me to pick a favorite between these two 7"s. As for the B side, I didn't quite "get" their fellow country-folk, Fatal Females, the first time I spun this disk. By the second time, whatever there was to "get" was thoroughly gotten. FF use low-frequency hum and hypnotically steady rhythm to lull you into a pleasing half-slumber of distorted shoegaze noise (post) punk. So simple, yet so good.

Both EPs here.


lloyd said...

Nice. Hadn't listened to the Facical 7" in a long time. And i'd never even heard of that split before! Many thanks to you, sir. As always.

Batguano said...

You're most welcome! Man, our collections really are similar.

7inchcrust said...

i didn't know Farcical,this is the first time i listen to them, thanks Marc. looks like these ep's connect G-ANX raw brutality and Counterblast psychedelia in one band

Batguano said...

Always a pleasure to help you out! Yes, as a missing link between two favorite bands, this was a great find!