Tuesday, July 14, 2009

¡Ruido Anticapitalista!

This and the next post will be an alpha-omega sort of thing for one of my all time favorite bands. For something like 15 years, Sin Dios inflamed crowds with their lively and distinctly Spanish take on anarcho-hardcore. Simultaneously pissed and catchy, each of their records is potent enough to instantly wipe away my dissaffection, no matter the day or circumstances. Ripped for you today is what I believe to be their first release: a split LP with fellow Spaniards, Tarzan. Both bands offer top notch material, and the 'zine-styled booklet covers a lot of info on the early '90's political situation in Spain and Latin America. After their break-up, Sin Dios uploaded their entire discography at their site, but I'm not sure if it's still there (and I don't believe they posted the Tarzan tracks).

Sin Dios/Tarzan Split LP (@ 256 kbps) w/ booklet


chris said...

good stuff, thanks

7inchcrust said...

Great band and cool people, Alerta Antifascista is one of my all time favorite songs, i remember they had a disagreement with the guy from Skuld Releases because of the use of word "nazi" for the Ariel Sharon and the Israeli gov., so Skuld stopped distributing their records. Pep's brother was journalist, he was the journalist who was shot and killed in Palestine hotel in Baghdad by US troops in the first days of invasion in the city

Batguano said...

Billy, you are a brimming coffer of information! I did not know most of what you mentioned, so thank you very much for sharing!