Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lash Out & Burst

This EP may not come from two of the most obscure bands, but it's out of print, and the bands are great, so here it is. Lash Out play what has become known as metalcore, but don't let that deter you. I'm starting to think I should be a little less prejudiced about that (rather overplayed) genre. LO play with a ton of scathing conviction, sincerity, and technical skill. Only one song from them, but it leaves an impression, for sure. The two Burst tracks are outstanding remnants of the period of time just prior to their "going Relapse." I enjoy their Relapse releases quite a bit, but in some ways I love their more hardcore work better. If you dug "Conquest:Writhe," or "In Coveting Ways," these tracks come from that era. Very "modern" and intricate, but still full of raw hardcore fury!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I would argue that Lash Out is one of the most wrongfully obscure bands out there. They're fucking incredible, one of the greatest bands that has ever created music, and yet if you search online for them you barely find anything. Barely any blog posts, etc. All of their material is hard as shit to find, but I think much of it is going to be reissued soon. I was going to do it myself but had to bail out at the last minute due to personal issues, sadly. Amazing, amazing band. Totally worship-worthy.

Batguano said...

Yeah, Lash Out are detrimentally neglected. It seems that Norwegian bands suffer this fate often (although, yes, LO deserve more attention than most of their countrymen). On the strength of this one track, I went out and grabbed as much of their vinyl as I could scrounge. Great stuff! Hopefully that CD discog. will get good distribution.

Anonymous said...

The Lash Out song from this split was from the same sessions as their unreleased final album, which is OUT-FUCKING-STANDING. With all the Cleveland stuff coming back into popularity with new bands these days, that unreleased Lash Out album would make people totally flip out now. I was gonna do that, too, so hopefully that'll see the light this year as well as those older EP's and stuff. Shit, it makes me want to cry just thinking about how fucking killer it all is.